Today I am writing my first travel post, however, I actually won’t be talking about travelling at all, instead, I will be telling you all about the reason that gave me the courage and knowledge to start this new category in my blog. 

A few months ago, I was looking on the Internet about travel writing when, on Linkedin, I came across a Travel Writing Workshop by Peter Carty. 

At first, I felt reluctant, because as we all know, there are many courses on the internet about everything, so it is pretty difficult to know which ones are worthy.

Here is what made up my mind about this course: 

First of all, the person who teaches the course, Peter Carty,  is someone who has been working for a long time in travel writing, and obviously knows what he is talking about. 

Then I also liked the structure of the course; focused on writing, and just as important, getting published

Finally, it was the price. A price which I think was cheaper than expected. 

So I decided to pay and I waited for the lessons to start. 

If you are interested in the Workshop, you can choose different ways of doing it, depending on what suits you best. 

There is a one day workshop, a four-week course or an online version, the content is the same.

For me, the best option was the four-week course. 

The closer the first class got, the more nervous I became and started thinking, “Will I be the only non English person there?”, “Will I be able to write anything since I have never written about travel?”, “Will it be any good?”, all reasonable questions, but all of them went away when I began the class. 

During the four lessons, Peter gives you basic ideas and tips for writing about travel, but most importantly you will write from day one. 

He always gives you feedback, and also a lot of reading material.

The first two sessions are about how to write and the last two are about how to work in travel writing; where to start and how. 

All his advice and feedback were really useful, and as I said before, this relatively short course gave me so much information that now I feel more confident about this kind of writing.

One of the things I really enjoyed about this course was the group of people I met and our common passion for writing. Also being able to share our work and worries. 

But why I strongly recommend it is because Peter gives you absolute freedom to keep in touch with him in case you have any questions or you need some help. This, in my opinion, is already worth the price you pay for the course. 

Overall I can say I really enjoyed this workshop and thanks to it I have finally decided to start writing about one of my passions, travelling.     


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